Official Rick Elliot Trucker Hat

What better to wear to one of Rick's shows than one of these limited edition trucker hats featuring his band's name?

Take it off and wave it around, whoopin' and hollerin' if you want, it's made up of the most durable and long lasting material out there!  (click on image to see larger picture)

Stain-resistant, made of acrylic with a nylon mesh and strap back, black or gray $15 ($10 shipping/handling, carefully packed in a box)


black-tshirt-oldpaperOfficial Rick Elliot T-Shirt

How would you like to own one of the same type of t-shirts that Rick himself wears when he's pluckin' away on the back of his pickup?

We have just the shirt how you appreciate Outlaw Country: a simple charcoal-tshirt-oldpaperblack (or gray) t-shirt made of durable materials, sure to last just as long as your love for country music!  It features Rick's logo on the front and then the same logo on the back in red, sure to catch the attention of everyone you meet. (click on images to see larger picture)

Made of 100% cotton, comes in all sizes, black or gray, $15 ($10 shipping/handling)


Rick Elliot Stickers

bumperstickerStick 'em on your truck, stick 'em on your guitar, stick 'em on your fridge... heck, stick 'em anywhere!  These stickers are a great way to spread the word about this incredible band and the message they're bringing to true lovers of country music.

redandwhitestickerWe carry a good ol' fashioned bumper sticker, emblazoned with Rick's unmistakable logo and his band name, just the right size to fit on any bumper, rusted or not!  We also blackandwhitestickercarry square stickers for your guitar case, your beer can, your window or anywhere else you feel like making a statement.  Outlaw country is here to stay!

Made of high quality, fade-resistant vinyl, the bumper sticker sells for $2 and the square stickers sell for $1 ($1 shipping/handling)