Who We Are

Rick Elliot is dedicated to creating and preserving Outlaw Country and Southern Rock.  This young and talented outlaw has been tearing up the Southern California Country Music scene for over a year now and released his debut CD, FIRST HAND, in the summer of 2014.  Rick is poised to vault skyward to new heights of popularity and attention.

Simply put, Rick Elliot is a rebel with a country music cause.

Embarking on his journey of preserving the Outlaw Country crusade, Rick Elliot spent much of 2014 touring his upbeat country sound starting with the wild west of California. Armed with a fifth of whiskey and a deep mature voice far beyond his years, Rick stuns audiences from the very start. His numerous musical heroes and inspiration is derived from many of the country greats, including Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard ad Waylon Jennings.

Attraction to the piano as a child was the initial inspiration for Rick Elliot in his journey as an emerging musician. His curiosity developed into a desire and he quickly advanced into a young child prodigy. Rick fell in love with country music at a young age. As he entered his teens his passion for music deepened as he experimented with songwriting.

Lyrically, his tracks are a reflection of his everyday life, incorporating themes of love, loss and a little whiskey. As a multi-instrumentalist Rick lends his piano, and guitar skills to all the tracks on his upcoming releases. 2015 marks a monumental moment in Rick Elliot’s journey as he prepares to release his unparalleled sound, starting with his single, “West of the Rockies”.

Rick Elliot has shared the stage with The Marshall Tucker Band as well as his idol’s son, Lucas Nelson & Promise of the Real. To keep up with music or catch him on tour, be sure to check out Rick Elliot on Facebook.com/RickElliotMusic. Look for Rick Elliot to tour throughout most of 2015 in support of their new CD. Visit the band’s official Reverbnation page, Twitter, Facebook page and YouTube channel for tour dates, photos, videos, and streaming audio.  Look for them on iTunes and CDBaby so you can make sure to catch the next wave of bona fide Country fire!